Fiberglass rebar “MRG-Composites” is made of alkali-resistant raw materials – glass fibers impregnated with epoxy resins. This guarantees a long service life (at least 80 years). The period of operation of a concrete structure with steel reinforcement is 2-3 times less than with a composite one.

The durability of fiberglass rebar is ensured by the following characteristics of the material:

  • composite products do not support corrosion processes, they do not appear rust;
  • fiberglass does not change the properties under any operating conditions, which is proved by the tests for accelerated climatic aging.

It is not subject to the influence of chemically aggressive media and does not lose its strength characteristics at a temperature range of -70 … + 120 degrees Celsius.
Fiberglass rebar “MRG-Composites” is a demanded material in road construction, when erecting objects with increased requirements in terms of moisture resistance.

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