Application domain

Application domain of Composite Rebar by MRG-Composites:

  • In civil and industrial engineering in construction on foundations (foundation slab, strip foundation, stilts, piles, industrial flooring);
  • Сoncrete structures which working in aggressive substances of sals and water (concrete breakwater, swimming pools, concrete construction of the port facilities, piers and quays);
  • Concrete structures in chemical and agricultural production in aggressive environments of acids and alkalis (tanks, cisterns, pipeline systems, including for transportation of chemicals);
  • Concrete structures near powerful electromagnetic fields (high voltage transformers and mounting platforms, concrete structures in the immediate vicinity of high-voltage cables and transformer substations);
  • Concrete structures with the requirement of lack of electrical conductivity and radio transparency (wards with special equipment in hospitals, military facilities, nuclear industry);
  • Tunnel construction (retaining walls of metro stations, extension of the metro, mine support);
  • Elements of the road transport industry on an elastic foundation (concrete bridges, bridges, bridges, road and airfield slabs);
  • Nodes of buildings with the requirement of low thermal conductivity (flexible connections in three-layer wall panels).
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