Composite fiberglass rebar is used in the construction and repair of bridges – automobile, railway, pedestrian, combined. It replaced the metal products, as it has the following characteristics:

  • increased wear resistance;
  • resistance before exposure to corrosive environment, including seawater;
  • resistance to corrosion under high humidity conditions;
  • minimum weight, which is important when working with large bridges.

Designing bridges using composite rods is the protection of concrete structures from increased moisture levels and premature corrosion. The use of nonmetallic reinforcement is given special attention in the USA and Canada, in Uganda this direction is in the development stage. More than 400 bridges with the use of fiberglass rebar are functioning on the territory of these western countries.

Research and testing is important!

Domestic and foreign experts must conduct complex studies before the construction of bridges, the glass-fiber reinforced plastic is subjected to various tests.

The most common of them are:

  • experiments on tension, grip, bending;
  • pulling of bars from concrete structures;
  • comparison of a composite with a metal of similar diameter;
  • using sensors and measuring equipment;
  • using of vibration equipment to confirm seismic resistance;
  • study of dynamic and static loads

The results obtained allow designing and erecting bridges without the formation of concrete defects: micro- and uncovered cracks, subsidence of individual sections, slab shifts, etc.

According to the official data of the US Federal Road Agency, the destruction of concrete structures, including the bridges, entails billions of dollars. It is the fiberglass that helps to partially eliminate this problem. Strong examples of composite reinforcement are the Jeffre Sherbrooke bridge in Canada (1997), the Wotton bridge in Canada (2001), the Morristown bridge in the USA (2002), the Val-Alain bridge in Canada (2004) and other.

Prospects of bridge construction using fiberglas

Today, composite rebar are used in four main directions: mobile collapsible bridges, structures on steel farms, objects equipped with steel bars, pedestrian areas on automobile bridges. Due to numerous advantages, bridges designers embody the most daring technical, operational and design ideas.
Fiberglass has excellent prospects for widespread use, because due to its high strength and durability characteristics, corrosion protection ensures reliable protection of the flooring and gratings, and extends their service life.

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