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To make concrete structures reliable and durable, it is necessary to perform reinforcement with fiberglass rebar. Non-metallic bars are characterized by a set of advantages: minimum specific weight, increased tensile strength, low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, radio transparency, magnetoinertness. Builders are attracted by the moderate cost of reinforcing material, ease of transportation and installation.

Directions in the use of composite reinforcement

Non-metallic rebar is used in various construction sectors. With its help, the following concrete structures are reinforced:

  • industrial floors and screeds in residential buildings;
  • strip, monolithic and other types of foundations;
  • guard rails and bridges;
  • tunnels and elements of power plants;
  • building facades and hydraulic structures;
  • walls and base plates;
  • roads and take-off areas.

Common areas of application are residential and industrial construction, road and rail construction, the erection of facilities with increased requirements for chemical resistance and dynamic loads intended for operation over a wide range of temperatures.

Good adhesion to concrete is an important advantage

In addition to these advantages, fiberglass rebar has good adhesion to concrete. This characteristic is proved by experimental studies of scientists of the EMPEROR ALEXANDER I ST. PETERSBURG STATE TRANSPORT UNIVERSITY in 2013. The object of the study was a composite reinforcement with a profile of 6 to 12 mm with flat glass fiber.
The study used special measuring equipment and sensors, which fixed the data during the “pulling out” of the composite rod from the concrete slab. The obtained indicators were compared with observations of foreign colleagues, in particular from the USA and Canada. As a result, experts made a logical conclusion: the composite rebar demonstrates excellent adhesion to concrete of different brands and outperforms in this issue metal products of the same diameter.

The economic feasibility of fiberglass usage

Concrete structures are better to reinforce with composite fiberglass rebar for the reason that it is more attractive for the price. The economic benefit makes non-metallic products in demand on the market and stimulates sales growth. The reasons for this are several:
1. For technical and operational characteristics, a 8 mm diameter composite rebar is equivalent to a steel rebar with a diameter of 12 mm. This allows you to save up amount of budget.
2. Fiberglass rebar is 9 times lighter than metal products with similar parameters. This reduces the cost of transportation of material, its loading and unloading, lifting to the desired height in multi-storey construction.
3. Ability of composite materials to bend and 100% to restore the original shape. For transportation no long vehicles and other specialized equipment are required.
4. Composite rebar with a diameter of up to 8 mm are cut using hand pliers, so there is no need to place electricity on the construction site to connect a more complex instrument.
If the concrete structure is reinforced by composite fiberglass rebar, this means that lifetime of the structure automatically increases several times, while the financial costs of construction are markedly reduced.

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