The roadway is constantly exposed to mechanical and climatic influences. The intensity of operation, load, atmospheric precipitation, temperature change – these are the main factors affecting the state of the road.
Defects also appear as a result of improper design, non-compliance with the technology of asphalt paving or repair of the roadway. Common problems are cracks, potholes, subsidence. Reinforcing the roadway extends its service life, reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Fiberglass rebar for road construction

For the construction and reinforcement of roads, employees of «MRG-Composites» advise the use of non-metallic fiberglass rebar. It feels confidently on the ground with a sharp change in climatic conditions, with heavy traffic and severe loads. To enhance the effect, it is desirable to reinforce both the roadbed and the pillow that is under it.
Foreign companies have used composite materials for road reinforcement for at least two decades. Fiberglass reinforcements are resistant to mechanical stress and corrosion, and are used in both conventional and complex geological conditions. It, unlike steel reinforcement, increases the properties of the roadway in terms of crack resistance and shear stability.

Details about the advantages of fiberglass

Composite rebar for reinforcing roads have a set of advantages:

  • higher tensile strengths eliminate the problem of cracking of the roadway and individual sections;
  • minimum thermal conductivity – protection against concrete damage at low temperatures;
  • light weight reduces the cost of transportation and installation of the reinforcing frame, does not weight the structure;
  • data on thermal expansion are close to the indicators of concrete, because the roads are not afraid of seasonal temperature fluctuations;
  • resistance to aggressive environment allows to use reagents and other chemical elements.

In addition, the use of fiberglass rebar reduces the construction time, which is especially important for the restoration of the roadway, which is actively used (busy roads, highways, city roads).

What problems are solved with the help of composite rebar?

The construction of a roadway implies the fulfillment of a set of tasks, and for each of them a non-metallic reinforcement is suitable.

It helps with:

  • reinforcing the base of the roadbed;
  • protecting from external factors, drainage canals and embankments;
  • reinforcing pillow and asphalt pavement;
  • mountштп geogrids on slopes, overpasses, bridges.

Today, composite rebar is an integral component of concrete slabs for permanent and temporary coverings, bypass and in-built roads. Fiberglass reduces the percentage of emergency situations on the road, increases the longevity of roads by 3-5 times, approximately by 10 times reduces the fuel and energy costs required for the construction and repair of roads, including the operation of special equipment.
Foreign specialists have long been implementing programs for the use of innovative material, in this country this direction is just beginning to develop. According to official data, the world market annually sells 2 million tons of composite, and this is only for road construction.

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