Molded gratings

FRP Molded gratings

A brief introduction of FRP Molded gratings

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a plank shaped material cured in the matrix of unsaturated resins including isophthalic, orthophthalic, vinyl ester and phenolic, with reinforced frame of fiberglass roving through a special production process, with a certain rate of open meshes.

Structure of Molded gratings

Molded gratings are woven with fiberglass roving and then cured in one piece in a whole mould.

  1. Fully impregnation of resin with interwoven structure ensures great corrosion resistance
  2. The whole structure helps even distribution of load and contributes to installation and mechanical properties of the supporting construction
  3. The lustrous surface and sliding surface helps self-clean advantage
  4. The concave surface ensures a good anti-slippery function and gritted surface even much better.
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