The price of fiberglass rebar often becomes the decisive factor when choosing between composite and metal products. According to the experts of the company “MRG-Composites”, the cost of steel reinforcement annually increases by 40-60%, the dynamics of growth in prices for fiberglass is 2-4%.

The financial savings in the use of fiberglass rebar are significant.

The reasons for this are the following:

  • increased strength increases the life of fiberglass 2-4 times, if compared with metal fittings of the same diameter;
  • light weight reduces financial costs for logistics, loading and unloading, use of specialized equipment (coils with composite rebar are transported even on boda boda);
  • low thermal conductivity reduces the cost of space conditioning, there is no problem associated with the formation of “temperature bridges”.

The final cost of fiberglass rebar depends on the diameter of the product (common options – 4-24 mm) and the required length. The material is sold in bays of 50-100 running meters, but other options are available.

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