Reinforced concrete slabs of bases are used in the construction of private houses, industrial enterprises, parking lots and parking. But over time, products even from proven manufacturers wear out and lose their performance under the influence of negative factors – a sudden change in temperature, an increased level of humidity, etc.
To increase the service life of the plates, the employees of the «MRG-Composites» recommend to use non-metallic rebar. Fiberglass rebar is suitable for this. Reviews and feedbacks of engineers from foreign countries is a vivid confirmation of this.

What problems are solved with the help of composite materials?

There are a lot of reasons why the base plates can be damaged: from the mechanical impact on concrete to the violation of production technology. A common problem is the corrosion of metal rebars. It takes place under influence of water and corrosive media rusts, which leads to a decrease in the bearing capacity of the structure and partial destruction.

A сomposite fiberglass rebar is a material that is corrosion resistant, allows you to get rid of such problems as:

  • cracks on the concrete and their opening;
  • plate deflection exceeding the norm;
  • occurrence of rusty stains on the surface of the base plate;
  • propagation of shrinkage cracks and temperature-humidity deformations;
  • crushing of concrete between inclined cracks;
  • peeling of concrete surface.

This can be avoided or minimized if the structure is reinforced with non-metallic rebar.

Features of base plates reinforcement

Follow the rules during reinforcing the base plate to extend product life:

  • Fiberglass rebar should be placed in two layers, while keeping the grids in the middle of the concrete;
  • Use uncut bars, if it is possible without tears (when you working with composite rebars this will not be a problem because it is sold in coils of 50 m);
  • Pay attention to the bottom of the reinforcing layer, as it is subjected to increased loads, and the top layer receives compression loads.

And one more tip: after pouring concrete for several days, you need to moisten the structure with water. It is desirable to spray water, and not direct jet. Fiberglass is not afraid of moisture, so you can not think about corrosion.

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