Oil and gas industry.
  1. Reinforcement of pier plates.
    The most suitable method of reinforcement of concrete structures under operating conditions in an aqueous and salty environment, combining a low price, durability and strength.
  2. Ladders, railings, ramps.
    Fast prefabricated modular structures designed to meet the requirements of safety and durability. Resistant to mechanical and chemical stress. Designed with increased requirements for slippery surfaces.
  3. Communication and pedestrian crossings.
    Modular and prefabricated structures, characterized by lightness, durability and lack of maintenance throughout the entire period of operation.
  4. Fencing systems.
    Prefabricated modular systems with varying degrees of security and resistance to vandalism.
  5. Protective systems.
    Structures with high strength and resistance to mechanical damage.
  6. Light poles.
    Light and durable masts of different designs for all weather conditions. Do not require maintenance.
  7. Electric poles.
    The ideal solution in terms of safety, strength and durability.
  8. Gratings.
    Strong chemically resistant, with protection against sliding for different conditions and environments of operation.
    Do not require maintenance.
  9. Bulk racks.
    Constructions of high degree of prefabrication, or assembled on the site. High corrosion, chemical and open flame resistance.
  10. Mooring wall.
    A solution that combines mechanical strength, high corrosion and LIV resistance and complete lack of maintenance during the period of operation.
  11. Channels for communications.
    Excellent solution with enhanced dielectric and corrosion-resistant properties with high resistance to burning.
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