Fiberglass rebar “MRG-Composites” is characterized by high tensile strength, the indices of which are better than metal rebar with the same diameter 3-4 times. This allows you to replace steel products with a composite smaller diameter without loss of performance.

Strength of fiberglass rebar is provided due to the complex structure of the material:

1. The stiffness corresponds to the inner layer formed from a bundle of curled or parallel arranged glass fibers. A strong bond between the fibers is guaranteed by special compositions based on epoxy resins.

2. The outer layer ensures the adhesion of the reinforcement to the concrete, and it is created by single-or bi-directional winding of fibers along a spiral.

Strengths are maintained at high and low temperatures, in a chemically aggressive or humid environment. Detailed information on the strength characteristics of composite rebar is reflected in the table (on the example of the products of MRG-Composites -10 mm):

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