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GFRP For Roads

Road infrastructure is the most important of all public assets, as it provides access to employment, social, health and education services and is key driver of economic development, trade and social integration of the country. Road infrastructure consists of roads, flyovers, elevated roads, tunnels,Railway over bridges, foot over bridges grade separated interchanges, footpaths, cycle tracks etc. Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structures are made to take advantage of the compressive strength of concrete and tensile strength of steel to meet the required performance criteria. The cost of repairing, retrofitting and replacement of roads is more than the cost of original cost of constructions. The use of GFRP Rebar for roads is one of the best solutions.

The roads are go through with heavy trucks transporting goods from one to other, vehicles, bikers etc., It damages roads and decreases the life span of roads. The strength of GFRP Rebar is 2 times superior than the steel so the roads can carry increased live loads. 

Advantages of GFRP for roads

  • Cost-effective and sustainable construction
  • Increases life span of Roads.
  • Do not requirement high maintenance.
GFRP Rebar for base slabe and industrial floor
GFRP Rebar 2x stronger

Fiberglass rebar “MRG-Composites” has a high tensile strength which indicates they are atleast 2 times stronger than conventional steel of same diameter. This unables consumers in some cases to replace the diameter of steel to a smaller diameter of MRG Bars without any loss of performance.

When deciding between composite and steel rebars, durability will play a big roll. Where MRG Bars are 100% non-corrosive and have a life of over 2 times compared with steel reinforcement, this makes it an easy winner and the one to choose.

As the density of glassfiber reinforcement is only 1.9 Tons/cubic meter, it makes our bars nearly 4 times lighter than conventional reinforcement bars. This means that the handling, transportation and overall experience on site becomes very easy.

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