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What Is Underground Water Tank?

Underground water tank construction is a process of construction and installing water tank that is buried underground. Water tank is used to store water for irrigation, fire suspension and other applications that requires a large amount of water storage. There are various steps that you need to consider for underground water tank construction like preparation, tank installation, backfilling, waterproofing and final inspection. 

During the preparation of underwater tank construction, engineers checks the place. Then after place need to be leveled a hole is dug to install the water tank. the tank is lowered to place and secured. the hole is filled with soil and compacted to ensure the stability. Pipes are installed then to allow water in and out of the water tank. And the final step is inspection to ensure every thing is fine for under water tank construction.

Pre Cast Concrete

Advantages Of Underground Water Tank Construction

  • Space-saving: Underground water tank take up minimal space, making them ideal for limited location.
  • Durable: Underground water tank are made of durable materials like GFRP Rebar, making it to corrosion resistant.
  • Safe: Underground water tanks are safe, It is less likely to damaged by natural disasters, floods or fires.
  • Reduced water loss: water looses due to evaporation, We can save water in our underground water construction. We can also save rain water to our underground. 
  •  Cost-effective: Underground water tank are more cost effective than above ground water tank, as it does not require additional construction or structure.

GFRP Rebar For Underground Water Tank Construction

GFRP Rebar is reinforcement and it is one of the best material for construction. GFRP Rebar is an alternative of Steel reinforcement bars. It has several advantages like light weight, corrosion resistant, and high strength. GFRP Rebar is a environment friendly rebar. 

One of the main advantages for underground water tank construction is corrosion resistant material. Traditional steel bars are prone to rust and corrosion which damages the construction or water tank. GFRP Rebar is affected by corrosion and it increase the life span of construction. 

Advantages Of GFRP Rebar

  • Stronger: GFRP Rebar is stronger material than steel bars. It increase the strength of the water tank.
  • Corrosion resistant: One of the best advantages of GFRP Rebar is corrosion resistant. GFRP Rebar does not effect from chloride, chemicals, etc.
  • Non conductive: GFRP Rebar is non conductive bar, it does not conduct electricity and provide more safety. 
  • Longer life span: GFRP Rebar is stronger, lighter and cost-effective material so it increase the life span of construction.
  • Weight: The weight of GFRP Rebar is less than steel bars. 

GFRP Rebar Applications