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Why MRG?

GFRP Rebars have 2-times the durability of Standard Steel Rebars due to their Non-corrosive Nature. MRG has successfully transformed the business following a decade’s hard work. We are involved in different activities such as:

  • Production & Supply of varied Power Equipments for Russia’s Industrial Complex
  • Manufacturing of Industrial & Civil Steel Structures
  • Financial Consulting
  • Agribusiness
  • Technologies for Processing & Enrichment of Technogenic Dumps
  • Garbage Processing Technologies
  • Industrial Construction
  • Composite Materials Production

About Us

The “Machine Retail Group” (MRG) was established in 2007. The company is actively engaged in the introduction of modern equipment in the industrial complex of Russia. MRG Composites specialises in the production of GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) Rebars. Our Rebars carry high tensile strength and are 2 times stronger and 4 times lighter than iron bars. It is currently East Africa, UAE, & India’s most cost-effective material for structural and road construction projects. Two brothers, Neel Vaya and Bhavik Vaya along with Amit Gangurde set their entrepreneurial journey and started MRG-Composites India operations in 2019. There has been no looking back since then. Today, within a short span of 2 years, despite the pandemic, MRG-composites India has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming India’s Largest Manufacturer & Supplier of GFRP Rebars.

GFRP Rebar 2x stronger

About Us two times stronger

Fiberglass rebar “MRG-Composites” has a high tensile strength which indicates they are atleast 2 times stronger than conventional steel of same diameter. This unables consumers in some cases to replace the diameter of steel to a smaller diameter of MRG Bars without any loss of performance.

about us two time life

When deciding between composite and steel rebars, durability will play a big roll. Where MRG Bars are 100% non-corrosive and have a life of over 2 times compared with steel reinforcement, this makes it an easy winner and the one to choose.

As the density of glassfiber reinforcement is only 1.9 Tons/cubic meter, it makes our bars nearly 4 times lighter than conventional reinforcement bars. This means that the handling, transportation and overall experience on site becomes very easy.

  • The future belongs to GFRP Rebars,” we can assure following our expertise in promoting Composite Materials in Russia. Since its establishment, the material has traced an incessant growth. GRFP Rebars are constantly developing in technological, environmental, & economical areas. In today’s time and age, with constantly increasing metal prices on one side and an unpredictable market on the other, seeking alternatives has become a compulsion for builders. Also, a remarkable increase has been traced in the demand of Rebars as a result of India’s actively growing economy and construction industry.

  • Promoting leading advanced technologies concerning the production of composite materials.
    Undertaking inclusive and layered investment following education concerning construction industry.
    Active engagement concerning development & standardization of composite materials at varied legislative levels with the promise of premium quality and assured safety.

  • Following development, production, and manufacturing of composite reinforcement equipment MRG-Composites promises to maintain a steady position as a leading name for Russia, India, & Africa. The company’s earned reputation and closely knitted network keeps benefiting through undertaking advancements concerning product & quality.