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1) What is the difference between GFRP and FRP rebar?

Ans. GFRP stands for Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer is one of the best Rebar used for constructions, FRP stands for Fibre Reinforced Polymer which includes basalt (BFRP) and carbon (CFRP),

2) How is the composite reinforcement better than Metal? What are the advantages of composite reinforcement in comparison with traditional metal rebars?

Ans. Strength – composite reinforcement has Strength characteristics 2-3 times superior characteristics of steel reinforcement British standard for breaking

Durability – the coefficient of temperature expansion of composite reinforcement is close to the coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete, so that in the concrete structure there are no associated micro-deformations, micro-cracks and the overall durability of the structure is substantially increased.

Chemical resistance composite reinforcement has great chemical resistance in various aggressive environments, it is not susceptible to corrosion, which also positively affects the durability.

Light weight – fiberglass reinforcement with comparable strength characteristics is lighter than steel reinforcement in 9 times.

Low thermal conductivity due to low thermal Conductivity “temperature bridges” are not formed in the structure which reduces the thennal Loss to 34% and, accordingly, the conditioning costs of the building.

Easy installation – reinforcing bars can be cut from the bay Of any given Length, fasten with plastic clips, special fasteners-clamps or just a binding wire.
Easy transportation and storage you fold the armature into coils, which allows you to use even cars for transportation and save significantly at the same time.

3) How does GFRP Rebars work during an earthquake?

Ans. Due to higher fatigue properties, GFRP rebars have higher resistance to cyclical Loads of high intensity, which makes MRG rebars workable during earthquakes

4) Is it possible to use composite reinforcement for pile reinforcement?

Ans. Yes, moreover, the corrosion resistance of composite piles is substantially higher than that of steel reinforced concrete piles.

5) How does its strength depend on the ambient temperature?

Ans. The change in the ambient temperature on the strength of composite reinforcement is practically unaffected. It can be used at temperatures from -70 to +120 degrees Celsius.

6) How to mount (install) the rebar?

Ans. Mounting of composite reinforcement is made in the same way as metal. But thanks to the low weight of fiberglass reinforcement, it is possible to mount the rods with plastic clips, and not just a tie wire

7) What is the binding of the composite reinforcement?

Ans. Plastic clips or knitting wire, and also with the help of special plastic fix-clips. Faster and cheaper – plastic ones

8) Which is the behavior of GFRP bars during fire?

Ans. Material is considered to be fire resistant as it doesn’t burn directly and studies show that structures are sustainable during a fire.