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GFRP Rebar For Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a great addition to home providing a fun and refreshing way to beat heat in summer. Generally GFRP Rebar, concrete vinyl-liner are used to make swimming pool. It is used for swimming or water related activities. Generally people make Swimming pool at residential backyards, public parks, hotels, and fitness centers.

There are mainly two types of swimming pool one is inground and above ground. Inground swimming pool are built into ground where you can put slides and fun stuff. Usually this kind of swimming pools are expensive. Above ground swimming pools are built on top of the ground made of metal or plastic.

swimming pool

Need Of Swimming Pool

  • Relaxation and Entertainment: Swimming pool provides a great way of fun and relaxation with friends and family.
  • Exercise and fitness: Swimming pool provides full body workout and improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.
  • Stress relief: Swimming pool is the best option for stress relief.  

GFRP Rebar

GFRP Rebar is one of the best material for swimming pool and other construction. This Rebar fulfils all the requirements for swimming pool construction. GFRP bars has many advantages over steel reinforcement bars. The corrosion resistant property of GFRP Rebar makes well suited material for swimming pool construction. where as steel reinforcement bars may be prone to rust and decay.

When construction a swimming pool, GFRP Rebar is used to reinforce pool walls and floor. Firstly This rebar is placed in wet concrete and after that concrete is poured around to the rebar to provide added strength and stability of swimming pool construction. GFRP Rebar is also used in pool coping which is edge of swimming pool construction. The coping helps to hold the swimming pool construction  and also for a decorative element.

Overall GFRP Rebar is a excellent choice for swimming pool construction. 

Advantages Of GFRP Rebar For Swimming Pool Construction

  • Corrosion resistant: GFRP Rebar is a corrosion resistant material and it is a excellent choice for swimming pool construction. It is the best alternative of steel rebar. Steel rebar are prone to rust and decay which can damage the swimming pool construction.
  • Lighter: GFRP Rebar is a light weight material. It is also easy to install, It makes the construction process faster and more efficient.
  • Strength: GFRP Rebar is two time stronger than steel rebar.
  • Cost-effective: The cost of GFRP Rebar is low than steel bars. The construction and maintenance cost is low than steel bars. 
  • Durable: GFRP Rebar is highly durable and does not degrade in the presence of chemicals. It is the best choice for indoor and outdoor construction.
  • Easy to fabricate: GFRP Rebar can be cut and bent to specific requirements, which makes it easy to install.

GFRP Rebar Applications



  • We chose MRG GFRP REBARS for Residential bungalows. It’s usage proved to be beneficial for us as the installation took notably less time compared to other previously used materials. Also, it proved to be a cost-effective alternative for us.

    - Haresh Patel
    - Human life space, Sanskruti
  • We used MRG GFRP REBARS for building water tanks. These rebars have many benefits, but the ease of transport and customisable lengths were what caught our attention.

    - Siddik Kathiwala
    - OK Traders
  • Mrg rebars have made our construction easier therefore we decided to become their authorised distributors. As a result, we have supplied mrg rebars to many companies for their RCC roads, Industrial flooring, boundary walls, non structural walls, pcc and other applications.

    - Ingawale patil
    - IPCC Infra Pvt. Ltd. (authorized dealer)
  • As a result of our satisfied experience with MRG GFRP REBARS, we became Authorized Dealers. Since becoming Authorised Dealers, we have sent out rebars for RCC roads, industrial flooring, boundary walls, non structural walls, pcc, ect.

    - Piyush sheta, Chirag sheta
    - Sheta marble house (authorized dealer)
  • We have used MRG GFRP REBARS for industrial flooring. It’s quality serves better compared to materials previously utilised by us, and it is also much more cost-effective.

    - Harshad Patel
    - Nij Buildcon (Owner)